EK 97 - Mini Excavator

EK 97 - Mini Excavators, is designed to excel in five features that are most important to excavator customers and operators: comfort, controllability, reliability, serviceability and performance.

Precision control provides a superior operator environment, EK 97 - Mini Excavator models are easy to transport and in a compact package that is ideal for limited job sites.

Easy to replace and with a variety of accessories Appendix 97 Mini Excavators meet the need for compact machines that are fast, powerful and productive.

Articulated swing provides sharp maneuverability in a limited job site.

Thanks to EK 97, it is now very easy to choose an excavator that suits your needs.

Standard equipment:

  • Honda Gasoline 9 HP Engine.
  • 30 Cm Aquarius.

You can view additional adaptable accessories and technical information below or call us at (Please call before ordering);